T.U.R.F. is the musical project of childhood friends Lorenzo and Tom.

They first met at a rave in 2003, where they found out they not only shared the same taste in music, but that they were also actively producing music themselves. However, in the years to follow a potential collaboration didn’t even cross their minds. Tom began to focus more on playing live instruments, whereas Lorenzo dove into the depths of electronic music and released records under his alias Kurizu. 

In 2017 they finally decided to join forces to start a new project: T.U.R.F. Under this moniker they express their longtime love of house music, ranging from the grooving house from Chicago to the funky disco sounds from Paris.

Since they started working the Dutch duo have been delivering a number of successful EPs on labels like Exploited, Nervous Records and Tensnake’s True Romance. Ever since then the gentlemen continued to craft their sound by adding their unique touch to the classic late 90’s and early 00’s sounds they grew up with.

As DJs, the pair throw down a wide variety of house music from the massive archive they built digging for nearly twenty years. Keep an ear out for these two!